Cape cosmetic company which was founded and partnered with Nural kozmetik company in among its fields of activity of cosmetic import and export as well as producing own brands. Its own brand Sheida was founded on the passion for colour and beauty and has been representing high-quality cosmetic products since then.

Cape cosmetic has Innovative, extensive research backs all stages of cosmetics development, from basic dermatological science to the final product design. In the past decades, Cape cosmetics has laid a path to a new area in cosmetics science by fusing forefront research and development with unique research.

Providing the world with the best possible skin care products suitable for all members of the family with a wide range of face, body, eye care
products, while guaranteeing our products to be formulated with premium natural quality components developed by modern cosmetic technology, serving your needs of today and tomorrow.

While based on ancient recipes, such as sheida Kohl powder, our research and development team and labs are constantly focused on the future. this allows us to stay ahead of the latest developments. Our R&D team of chemists and pharmacists are constantly improving maximum natural formulations, cold extracting and mixing processes, for the best input possible into our products and skin care applications. We aim to offer the most beneficial solutions that fit all of your needs, thus, improved products and innovative applications quickly find their way to you.

Cape cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetics companies in Malaysia. Our wide portfolio of skincare and makeup brand sheida sell through multiple distribution channels in over 50 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Cape cosmetics is committed to fulfilling its corporate mission in a social and sustainable way by harnessing its accumulated beauty knowledge for the benefit of society, practicing strict environmental policies, and nurturing diversity and development with its own fully experienced workforce.